3 Helpful Tips for Picking Out A Watch for Your Husband


The first thing you need to do is know what type of watch your husband likes. Does he like something simple? Is he more into the flashy watches? You should have a pretty good idea by now, depending on how long you and he have been together. You may want to ask him, to be on the safe side. Bring it up casually. Ask him while you guys are out and about somewhere. Do it subtly. His response will give you some idea of what to do next.

Find out what his wrist size is. This may or may not be common knowledge. This all depends on your topics of conversation are. Are you a couple who discuss everything with one another? You should have some idea of the answer. He may not give out that sort of information. Ask him. You need to have some idea of what his wrist size is before going in to buy. Knowing his wrist size will cut down on having to get the watch re-sized as frequently. 

Have a budget before you go in. This is a good rule of thumb for anything. Know how much you are willing to spend on your husband/partner. Have a set limit for how much you are willing to go over, for adjustment purposes only. Some prices may not be set in stone. Some prices may need to be negotiated. This is where the adjustment comes in.

Do not get enticed by the offers the jeweler tries to seduce you with. Some women have more of an issue with this than men do. Jewelers are paid to seduce and sell. They make their money off of you spending more. Do not let them entice you, no matter how good the offer is. Stick with your planned budget. Stick with your husband's needs/wants. Everything else is not necessary.

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