Junghans Max Bill



The Brilliance of Max Bill

Max Bill has had genius careers in architecture, painting, sculpting, and product design. It is pretty much universally recognized that he has mastered creation and precision like no other living human being. He is particularly famous for his work with Junghans. Junghans first began producing and churning out watches in 1927. Prior to joining Junghan, Bill co-founded the very influential Ulm School of Design. He later joined the Junghan team in the 1950s.


His Most Famous Design

One of the many world-class art pieces he has designed is the Junghans Max Bill. This is a watch unparalleled in excellence and beauty. (You can learn more details about the history of Junghans Bill Max on their website.) Bill also began his multiple other careers in the 1950s and quickly made a name for himself. He influence came not only in fashioning physical objects of beauty but also in writings works about the theories of creation. During these years he created a number of classic designs for Junghans. Although it is not a watch, one of the most famous timepiece creations during these years was a wall clock which can still be viewed by the public at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


His Signature Line of Wristwatches

In 1962 he created his first line of signature junghans max bill mechanical wristwatches. In the years after this Bill had an artistic explosion with timepieces. He created table clocks, dial designs, and wristwatch galore. It has remained a popular design. Just this year Junghans announced two new Junghans Max Bills. These watches will be available in a limited edition package which will include a table clock.